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My name is Paul Angliss.

I write comedy as well as non-serious philosophies.

Herein resides my parody of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, a book that challenges all our preconceptions about life, spam and eggs. Sperm & Eggs is a three-part series, the first volume out now, titled Attraction. I'm hoping it will be the gateway to my mystery novel, the cult-classic-in-waiting, The Investigations of the Para-Usual. The first comedy about climate change and the world's obliteration. It is as yet unpublished.

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So do drag up an ottoman or a small stool and come explore the website further


Sperm & Eggs (Attraction)

Men are now from Venus, women from Mars… or they may as well be. Sexually speaking, the planets are realigning. Here is a compelling radical contention that sperm dictates the behaviour of their host, men; while eggs determine that of women.

Sperm & Eggs, the series, is ‘Everything you wanted to ask about sex but were afraid to know.’

(Also in the series - 'Interaction' and 'Relationships'.)

The Investigations

of the Para-Usual

A maverick professor believes he is on the verge of discovering all of life’s remaining unsolved mysteries. But the pursuit of omniscience - what professor Breville O’Singh believes is a force for good - turns out to threaten the very existence of the planet. Unleashed is the self-interests of the Government, big business, the media, academia. The problem is, he has what others seek to manipulate for their own considerable gains – knowledge.  

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