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One man will become the greatest scientist that ever lived...

or the destroyer of the planet.






‘Amazing and very different. It is a sort of surrealist comedy but impossible to explain in a few words. It is simply genius.’

Neil Thompson, Film Director


‘I found myself reading it a little like film script, or even like watching an edited sequence at the start of a film. More the richer in fact ...Cohen bros' Fargo, meets Brazil written with Brechtian style characters in a Hunter S Thompson world set in a Titus Groan backdrop of a GORMENGHAST-like London!!!!

Alex Walker, Art Director (on the Harry Potter films etc)

The Investigations of the Para-Usual 

Book Soundtrack

Here's the first track, the soundtrack to the first chapter of the book.

For the complete soundtrack to all the chapters, click the button below:


Buy mugs with quotes from the book's

main character, Professor Breville O'Singh

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